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STFC And Supporters Group Join Forces And Work Towards A Brighter Future At The County Ground

Former Rivals For The Freehold Purchase Now Aim To Bring Club And Fans Closer Together Through Joint Venture

3 August 2018

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Swindon Town Football Club is pleased to announce they are now working with the Swindon Town Supporters' Trust, and Swindon Town Supporters Club, on a joint bid to purchase and develop the County Ground stadium.

This comes following a presentation to Swindon Borough Council on Thursday 26th July, in which both the Football Club and the Trust submitted their individual plans to Council leaders.


Earlier this year discussions between the Club and the Trust began, and a number of alternative approaches were discussed. In the days prior to last week's Council meeting, both parties agreed they would investigate the possibility of a 50/50 joint venture for the freehold purchase.


This was discussed with Council leaders and is now being explored in further detail, with the club keen on all supporters having an involvement.


Clem Morfuni, Non-Executive Vice Chairman of Swindon Town said: "We've been in discussions with the Trust for a while and asked them to include the Swindon Town Supporters Club in their work. We want everyone involved and we believe this will be a unique opportunity for every single Town fan to own a piece of the County Ground.


"There will be a lot of legal detail to work through regarding the proposed joint venture and there will no doubt be things that require some extended discussion, but we are confident that a deal can be achieved for the future success of the club, and for the Town as a whole.


“We believe this is a positive step that enables community and club to unite, grow and move forward together."


The move was greeted with praise by Ann Alder, Chair of the Swindon Town Supporters Club, who said: "We've been watching the stadium purchase situation for some time and like everyone else, we wondered how it would conclude. It's fantastic news that both the Club and the Trust are working together on a joint bid and the Supporters Club will also be involved.


“If this comes off, every Swindon Town fan can play a part in the future success of the football club.”


Both parties had previously expressed their intention to purchase the stadium and held numerous independent discussions with Council officers.


Steve Mytton, Chair of the Supporters’ Trust, said: “We've been in discussion with the Council for over three years and have always been proud of our own bid, but as we've stressed throughout, it needs everyone pushing in the same direction.


“At our previous AGMs we've talked a lot about the phrase "Let's Work Together" and that's what's happening now. We want to explore a joint bid with the club and not only ensure the long-term legacy of the stadium, but also ensure that the club is protected for the future and that much-needed developments are carried through."


Clem Morfuni concluded: "We'll continue to discuss the redevelopment of the County Ground with the Supporters and Council, and more details will come out later in the year, but there will be full transparency throughout. Swindon Town Football Club want a united front - we are one voice, one club."

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