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McKirdy - 'Make Some Noise for Us'

Town forward urges fans to offer the team support

26 April 2022

The Robin's no. 11 spoke to the local press in the wake of his brace away from home, what his first return from injury.

'We’ve got three games, we have to win all three and that’s what we want to do.

'Home games are difficult. I’ve seen a different side of them for the last few games. I get it from both sides: I get it from the fan’s side, and I get it from the player’s side.', McKirdy said.

'The players want more from the fans and the fans want more from the players. We need to meet in the middle because I’ve been at games where I understand it’s been frustrating, it's been tough to watch, but then I’ve also been in games and watched the games.

'So, we get great numbers there but then it’s quiet from the first minute. I was at Newport, it’s a massive game, a massive derby - England vs Wales - and all you could hear was the away fans. I know it’s down to us to get it going, but it’s like six of one, half a dozen of the other.

'I think some fans moan at the way we play, but how do they want us to play? Do they want us to lump it? You look at today (Hartlepool away), if we get it going, we’re better than any team in this league, so just stick with us.

'We need some noise on Tuesday. There will be times that we dominate the game, there will be times when we have our backs up against the wall.

'I’m not saying that’s the difference why we’ve got more points away from home than we have at home, but it could be a factor and we just need the fans to stick with us. They come in great numbers.

'If you’re going to come, make some noise for us - that’s what we need. 

'We need to do everything we can to get to the play offs and get promoted at Wembley, so we need the fans behind us.'

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